Online HR Recruiting

Focusing on Candidates’ Journey

By Chelsea McPherson
Product Manager, Cloud Shift Inc.

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Online HR Recruiting: Focusing on Candidates’ Journey

Amid the pandemic, our society experienced a rapid digital transformation, requiring adaptation to digital tools and processes. Click-and-collect services forced seniors to navigate applications on brand-new smartphones to retrieve groceries; remote learning demanded children and teachers adapt to online collaboration tools; and shifts in business models turned employees into job seekers relying on online recruitment platforms instead of in-person interviews and paper-based resumes. As we progress, these trends endure, acknowledged for their cost and resource efficiency, flexibility, and time effectiveness. However, it is crucial to recognize the impact of these changes on the human experience, especially when designing or selecting online platforms. reports that, on average, it takes 21 to 80 job applications to secure one job offer. Candidates juggle multiple applications daily, alongside interviews, work commitments, and personal responsibilities. The absence of personalized responses or generic feedback often negatively affects candidates’ morale and motivation, leaving them feeling as though they are sending applications into a black hole. This cycle can lead to less personalized and lower-quality applications, as candidates see no positive results from their efforts. Additionally, less tech-savvy applicants face challenges using new technology, exacerbating an already stressful situation.   

So, how can companies ensure applicants are not screened out before applying, guaranteeing a positive and supportive candidate experience from the outset? By prioritizing candidate experience, an organization can ensure that its culture is portrayed accurately, attracting the right kind of candidates who complement the company.   

Given the scarcity of time, candidates tend to gravitate towards platforms offering seamless navigation, essential tools like resume builders and features such as “quick apply” options. However, candidate experience extends beyond this. To support applicants and enhance their experience, companies and online recruitment platforms can implement several strategies:   

  1. .Streamline the entire recruitment process by integrating hiring platforms seamlessly, ensuring candidates feel supported and cared for throughout their journey.   
  1. Provide transparent communication with applicants, offering regular updates (using automation to alleviate the burden on HR teams).   
  1. Ensure accessibility, transparency, and equity by using AI tools ethically.   
  1. Support job seekers by designing or selecting platforms with user-centric interfaces, minimizing the need for assistance, and ensuring less tech-savvy candidates are not excluded.   
  1. Ensure cross-platform compatibility for easy access across devices to avoid excluding candidates with limited access to technology.   
  1. Solicit genuine feedback and iterate using real applicant experiences

An excellent candidate experience not only aids in finding the right applicant but also reflects favorably on the hiring company. By prioritizing candidate-focused engagement strategies, companies can create a lasting and positive impression on job seekers while successfully identifying the best fit for their organization. 

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