Cloud Shift provides a suite of business transformation, digital modernization, cloud enablement, professional services and electric vehicle charging and platform transitioning services that responds to clients’ needs and use-case requirements. Our range of services is client-centered and solution-focused to generate continuous business value.

Our Services

Digital Modernization and
Cloud Enablement

Protected “B” Medium Integrity and Medium Availability Audit (PBMM)

Software Development and

Business Architecting and Strategic Management Consulting

Professional Services – Contracting and Deployment

Consultative Sales and
Value-Added Reselling

Managed IT

Cyber and Infrastructure

Electric Vehicle Services

Digital Modernization and
Cloud Enablement

Modernize your business processes and harness the power of cloud to improve value generation through Cloud Shift’s cloud computing, business transformation and strategic management advisory services.

Protected “B” Medium Integrity and Medium Availability (PBMM) audit

Gain from Cloud Shift’s depth of experience in guiding clients toward PBMM certification through our methodical and thorough auditing, assessment and evaluation process to ensure both compliance and readiness.

Software Development and DevSecOps

Cloud Shift develops and customizes software applications based upon clients’ requirements. We employ an agile and devsecops approach to our software lifecycle development that integrates security at the very beginning. It’s a more efficient approach that delivers secure software by incorporating security design best practices.

Business Architecting and Strategic Management Consulting

Business architecting and strategic management are two related fields that involve improving organizational performance by aligning strategies, processes and technology systems to achieve clearly defined business goals. Cloud Shift’s deep understanding of business processes, technology enablement, strategic planning and business transformation can accelerate your business’ viability and performance.

Professional Services – Contracting and Deployment

Cloud Shift’s experience and network of talented human resources paired with our contracting vehicles, continue to improve the levels of success of federal government and private sector clients in areas such as business transformation, cloud enablement, operational modernization and IT project implementation performance. We offer end-to-end contracting and deployment of professional consultants with cloud certifications.

Consultative Sales and
Value – Added Reselling

Cloud Shift collaborates closely with trusted, strategic partners in order to offer clients value-added business solutions and adjacent technology products and services. We engage clients on a consultative basis to best understand their unique needs and then tailor solutions to meet their requirements.

Managed IT Services

Containing growing costs of internal IT operations is a major challenge for many clients. Cloud Shift has the capacity to manage and trouble shoot your outsourced IT operations, as well as deliver stable, secure and consistent managed services and performance that are less costly.

Cyber and Infrastructure Security

A crucial priority for public sector organizations and private commercial clients is the safety and security of their business data. Responsive and well-implemented cybersecurity strategies and tools have become essential and must be enterprise-wide in order to be effective. Cloud Shift’s experience and track record of providing trusted data protection, infrastructure security solutions and advisory services allow clients to have the required level of data and infrastructure protection and operating confidence, while enabling consistent business continuity.

Electric Vehicle Services

The ever-increasing interest in electric vehicles (EVs) by eco-conscious consumers is creating growing demand for charging stations and adjacent services. Cloud Shift is capitalizing on this growing demand for electric mobility by developing a suite of services and benefits, including charging stations and maintenance, as well as business partners’ revenue sharing plan.

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